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Removing Links from a Stainless Steel Watch Band

Resizing a stainless steel Apple Watch Band is one of those tasks that can seem daunting, but really isn't that difficult with the right equipment. Unless you have an extremely large wrist, your new stainless steel link band will be too large for your wrist - this will mean that one or more links will need to be removed. You can take your new band to a watch shop or jeweller, but this will cost you time and money.

Mod Bands recommends a relatively cheap and simple Stainless Steel Watch Band Link Removal Tool. In 5-10 minutes you can resize your new band for a perfect fit.


Step 1

Turn your Apple Watch band over and look for the printed arrows - this indicates which direction you will need to push the pins out.


Step 2

Place the watch band into the link removal tool, aligning the arrows on the back of the band with the pins on the tool.

Step 3

Gently twist the handle on the tool until the link pin pops out. Repeat until you have removed enough links to ensure a good fit to your wrist.

Step 4

Gently reinsert the pins and push it back until flush with the edge of the band. You may need to use the tool to help push it back in if it is too hard to push in by hand.

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